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Does Influencer Marketing Work?

David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz

Author at The Trust Web Times
David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz

Author at The Trust Web Times
Jason Falls and Leo Morejon debate influencer marketing

An impromptu episode with Jason Falls (Author, Digital Lead at Cornett) covering Influencer Marketing.

Full Transcript:

Leo Morejon: [00:00:00] Cool doing the premise of influencer marketing.

Jason Falls: [00:00:02] That’s fine.

Leo Morejon: [00:00:02] Is a good way to market.

Jason Falls: [00:00:04] Sure.

Leo Morejon: [00:00:04] Influencer marketing is crap. It sucks. You got a bunch of like 22 year olds that probably bought followers on the internet. Now going to some brand and saying, you got to pay me all this money to do some fancy marketing to beat me.

Jason Falls: [00:00:18] All right. If those were the only people that you are counting on for your influencer marketing, it does suck and you’re gonna lose your money.

And you’re not going to convince your clients to do anything, but if you look at influence. Yeah, rather than influencers. If you look at people who actually have impact on the potential audience, you want to reach and you tie in with them, then you’re going to be successful. Um, and the reason that I know that is because hundreds of companies are, and there are great influencers out there like you and me who genuinely talk about.

Products and services and companies. Yeah. And our audience believer us,

Leo Morejon: [00:00:55] But I bought all my followers. I don’t know what you’re talking about. All my followers, all my listeners, everything on my podcast, completely fake. This is what I’m doing. You looked at some metrics and he thought I’d be fancy and good for your brands, or maybe you don’t, or you’re also telling me that I have like two followers quality followers.

Is that what you’re telling me now?

Jason Falls: [00:01:12] Well, if you’re admitting all that, then maybe you are not a great influencer. Maybe you’re a piece of shit and I’m doing pretty well for myself.

Leo Morejon: [00:01:19] True. But I’m not the only piece of shit out there.

Jason Falls: [00:01:22] This is true. Here’s how I know this works because in 2009, a company reached out to me and said, I want. To use you and I, they use me and I did one post for them or with them and, uh, General Motors signed up the next week.

Leo Morejon: [00:01:40] Yeah. That’s one story though. What about the thousands of people being around the world saying again, they have all these followers, you know what they have lifestyle influence. That’s what they do.

They’re like, yeah. Pretty looking people on the internet, that’s selling packages of dog food or something

Jason Falls: [00:01:54] Again. And if you pick the peace sign, duck, face influencers, you’re going to lose. If you pick the ones with real influence, you’re going to be fine.

Leo Morejon: [00:02:00] Sure. But there’s no way for you to even tell that I have fake followers or not.

How do you know?

Jason Falls: [00:02:03] Oh, there’s plenty of software out there that can tell you that. Plenty plenty.

Leo Morejon: [00:02:08] I don’t know. I just still think that the good looking people are the ones that are the best influencers and the ones out there getting all the money.

Jason Falls: [00:02:13] Well, I’m great. And I’m ugly as shit. 

Leo Morejon: [00:02:17] There we go. Well, obviously…

Jason Falls: [00:02:21] I’m a radio guy, I knew to wait until two seconds and throw that line in there.

Leo Morejon: [00:02:25] And I had to shut up.

Right. Obviously I agree with you. Um, Influence is important, as you mentioned, and looking at influencers from like everything from employee advocacy to different advocates and influencers like my mom, you know, so on and so on.