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AdTech Reboot


The Trust Web Times has been created to be a catalyst for change in marketing technology. We want to promote new innovation and practices around the technological expression of trust.

Trust building is a delicate human process that defies easy technology binary platforms. There’s many types of digital trust; trust between friends; trust between colleagues; trust between brands and their fans; trust between tech firms and marketers and trust between data providers and everyone. Without trust, innovation will become irrelevant.

We envision The Trust Web Times to be an advocate for a holistic and profitable marketing architecture that would benefit Consumers, Brands and Publishers. We envision a transparent advertising ecosystem, where all the stakeholders can have their needs served while being protected from the untrustworthy marketing ecosystem that exists.


We believe that trust is the basis of all great marketing and can be technologically expressed as a repeatable process.

The Trust Web Times has been created to celebrate the optimists and the pragmatists in this adtech transformation. It is also meant to bring a light to role models, individuals and companies, who are guided by the standards of transparency and accountability while still financially thriving.

The Trust Web Times is dedicated to revolutionizing the business of advertising from the fraud-ridden advertising ecosystem of today into the Trust Web of tomorrow.


Judy Shapiro (@judyshapiro) has had a distinguished career working both the agency side (NWAyer) and client side (AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs, Phillips, Paltalk and CA) where she became an early advocate of advertising technology.

By 2011, Judy could see the opportunity of digital and social marketing and she decided to start her own ad tech venture, engageSimply; a topic intelligence acquisition marketing firm that uses artificial intelligence to precisely to identify, access and buy top quality, topic-based advertising inventory that can drive acquisition.

During this time, Judy was a regular contributor and speaker at industry venues including Ad Age, 4A’s, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur aimed at inspiring her colleagues to embrace ad tech’s potential and educating marketers about ad tech’s dark side where algorithms trump intuition and platforms overshadow people.  

Jeanine Moss  Founder of Outfront Solutions, is a brand development, marketing and communications specialist who guides people, organizations and brands from launch to re-positioning and growth. Well-schooled in cultural shifts and having guided numerous organizations through global crises, Jeanine focuses on providing insightful, effective and practical solutions.

Jeanine works closely with start-ups, innovators, and agencies and advises Fortune 500 corporations like Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Hewlett Packard on launch strategy, brand positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategies. In her role as a product development strategist, Jeanine conceived of and tested new products for CPG companies like Kraft Heinz Company, Celestial Seasonings, and Seven-Up.

Jeanine has addressed some of the most significant disruptions of our time including repositioning New York City’s tourism industry, propelling the technology revolution, and acting as Chief Communications officer for The September 11th Fund after the terrorist attacks. In addition, she has supported crisis operations for international non-profits like the American Red Cross, United Way of America, the U.S. Travel Association Pow Wow Convention, New York City, and supported the Department of Defense Personnel & Readiness Directorate. As Chair Emeritus of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Marketing & Advertising Committee, Jeanine advises a team of the nation’s most influential cannabis marketers, and led the development of the industry’s first crisis communications manual. 

Nicole DeMeo, Founder of Outfront Solutions, is an accomplished business launch, growth, and turnaround expert, as well as an investment fund advisor. A Silicon Valley veteran, she works closely with global executive teams to develop marketing strategies and guides companies through major lifecycle events. Her participation in more than 50 company launches – including four of her own – has resulted in significantly increased growth, valuations, acquisitions and IPOs.

Nicole has served as brand ambassador and marketing strategist for industry leaders such as Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, and Carly Fiorina and Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Hewlett Packard, and Accenture. Nicole has served on leadership teams including Andra Capital, Glispa, and Organic and advises fast-growth companies and funds like, EyeEm, Peak Games, Earlybird Venture Capital, and How Women Invest.

Fueled by her desire to give back, she has supported national non-profits and community organizations including: The California AIDS Education Campaign, The September 11th Fund, American Red Cross, UPWARD, and How Women Lead. Nicole is a frequent public speaker and media contributor with a passion for entrepreneurship and female founders. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and delights in making wine as the owner of Media Luna Vineyards.

Robert Dennison (@rob_j_Dennison) is a highly experienced marketing professional who has deployed his knowledge of e-commerce and technology helping leading brands, including The New York Times, PepsiCo, Kelloggs, Pandora, WW(formerly Weight Watchers), Pearson, Kaplan Test Prep connect and engage with their consumers and prospects.

He’s served as a leader within some of the biggest Agencies (Ogilvy, Razorfish, Epsilon) helping brands achieve significant ROI on omnichannel marketing and advertising programs.

Recently focusing in the MarTech space Rob worked with one of the top Customer Database Platforms (@actionIQ) to help brands leverage their data to innovate on how customer experience and acquisition is achieved. LinkedIn profile:

Marc Goldberg (@MarcJGoldberg) In his 25-plus years in the media industry, Marc Goldberg has held the positions on multiple seats of the aisle. Early in his career on the agency side then SVP of Business Development at, CEO at DailyRx, GM of Howstuffworks CEO of Brand Safety Company , Trust Metrics and now Chief Revenue Officer of Method Media Intelligence.

He has been involved with the IAB and TAG from the beginning to fight Fraud and bad actors. He was instrumental helping create and being involved in working groups to share the industries thinking in this space. He is on the advisory board of the Brand Safety Institute,

Marc previously has served on a wide range of companies as an advisor. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for The 614 Group, Safeguard Privacy, Distributed Media Labs , Giving Forward, . As well as participates as a mentor for Techstars NY, 500 Startups, and Entrepreneur Round Table Accelerators. LinkedIn profile:



engageSimply, part of The Trust Web, is marketing solutions company focused on customer acquisition.

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