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AdTech Reboot

David Berkowitz

Does Influencer Marketing Work?

An impromptu episode with Jason Falls (Author, Digital Lead at Cornett) covering Influencer Marketing. Full Transcript: Leo Morejon: [00:00:00] Cool doing the premise of influencer

Can you teach Social Media in Schools?

Episode with Brianne Fleming (Brand Builder, Marketing Instructor) about teaching social media in school. Is it possible? Full Transcript: Brianne Fleming: [00:00:00] Hi, I’m Brianne

In a World without Facebook

In a world where you can’t advertise on Facebook, how will you reach your target audience? What would happen if Facebook didn’t exist? What would

You Can’t Block Black

“Keyword Blocking Hits ‘Black Lives Matter’ Content.” That’s the Ad Age headline from last week that I can’t stop thinking about. The article is about advertisers preventing