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Trust Web Times Interview Series: Tricia Andrew ;Launch Encore 360

Picture of Marc Goldberg

Marc Goldberg

Author at The Trust Web Times
Picture of Marc Goldberg

Marc Goldberg

Author at The Trust Web Times

Marc Goldberg is a contributor for the Trust Web Times. Marc is also the Chief Revenue Officer of Method Media Intelligence an MRC accredited ad verification and measurement company

Tricia Andrew is the Founder of Launch Encore360

We exchanged emails for this interview and it has been slightly condensed and edited.

Marc Goldberg : Tell me about your journey?

Tricia Andrew : People always say I’m a little bit grandiose for someone in Ad Ops. I went to college for Film and Animation so I  love making mundane things sound and appear amazing! So I did my best to glamorize Ad Ops/Tech long before the prominent status it has in our industry today. In my senior year, I thought to myself, “Great, you know how to make movies. Now how do you get people to watch them?” So I immediately went to business school and completed my MBA in one year, graduating at the grand old age of 23. After graduate school, the housing crash of 2008 made me “just get a job real quick” in advertising. Well, a decade went by real quick.

Over my career, I equated launching campaigns to the filmmaking process. Data Sciences, The Account Team, Ad Operations — we’re all a crew working together to get this masterpiece (campaign) launched! To satisfy my hunger for actual filmmaking, I dove head first into doing live streams about the NBA. I LOVE the NBA.

MG: So tell me more about your consulting practice now, what type of companies are you helping?

TA: I left the agency life in 2017 to start my own campaign execution practice called Launch Encore 360. We launch campaigns for clients using the Google Marketing Platform. We work with a lot of independent agencies both on the Advertiser and Publisher side.

Our bread and butter is Campaign Manager 360. We also are experts in Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager 360, Display and Video 360, and Dynamic Creative.  We have more than expertise and experience. We have a passion to make sure our clients are getting the most out of these products.

MG: What are some of the biggest challenges you see?

TA: We’ve created a service to tackle a growing challenge brought forth by the Google Heavy Ads Intervention. Google Heavy Ads Intervention is an initiative where Chrome will replace ads with a gray box if it appears to be taking up too many resources on a user’s device. The gray box can be an eyesore, affecting user experience on the publisher-side. Advertisers will also lose money and exposure. Our service Creative QA 360, works upstream with creative teams and ad agencies to lower the chances of a Chrome intervention. 

A second challenge I experience is making agencies understand that allowing “hands-off” keyboards gives their team time to think of creative ways to bring more value to clients. We allow employees to stay billable without the burnout. Our services let your staff enjoy their work experience which leads to exponential growth internally and externally. I don’t think I would’ve stayed in Ad Operations as long, if my work flows we’re optimized.

MG: You are in Brooklyn. Nets or Knicks fan?

TA: I love Bacon, The Oklahoma City Thunder, God, my parents, and Ad Operations (in that order). 

MG: Mmmm..Bacon.

TA: I’m a proud Oklahoma City Thunder Fan. How did that happen? When I was a kid, I was a HUGE Steve Kerr fan. Whatever team he joined, I was right there to cheer him on. When he retired, I threw a tantrum and “quit” watching basketball. One day during my hiatus from being a basketball fan/snob, I saw a SportsCenter Top 10 plays segment featuring Russell Westbrook on a fastbreak…the rest was history! 

MG: So tell me about Card Chaos?

TA: Seems like my motto is: “When in a Crisis, Get Creative”.

The pandemic put sports to a halt, l hopped on the sports card wave. “Card Chaos Live ®” is a streaming sports trading card game show I created in 2020. During the game I shuffle my NBA trading cards to create 1-on-1 match-ups that we may or may not have seen in today’s NBA. “Any player, any position, any era, anything goes” is my tag line. The live viewers have 60 seconds to decide who wins live by voting. 

After just 21 episodes, the game was discovered by Beckett, which is the most renowned top sports collectibles magazine in the world! Beckett interviewed me on their YouTube channel because the game brought innovation to the card collecting hobby. 

MG: What is your most valuable card?

TA:I have 2 cards that I haven’t graded because I’m just too afraid to mail it in. A Kobe Rookie and a LeBron James (2nd year). I have about twenty-three Michael Jordans (fitting right), but I don’t believe those come close to the Kobe and LeBron cards I have. 

MG: Are you ready to travel? Where are you planning first?

TA: Yes, I’m SO ready. I’m looking forward to making a trip to Bali. I’m also looking forward to making my way back to Mexico. While there in 2015, I promised that I would try something entrepreneurial. I’d like to return to let Mexico know, I kept my promise with Launch Encore 360.