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AdTech Reboot

The Search Ad Business is going break down completely. Who’ll win the next round?

Google SEO
Judy Shapiro

Judy Shapiro

Editor-in-Chief at The Trust Web Times
Judy Shapiro

Judy Shapiro

Editor-in-Chief at The Trust Web Times

The juggernaut search ad business is dominated by Google. Unquestionably, this built the Google brand and revenue for decades.

It is hard to imagine the internet without Google search and it’s mighty search ad business.

It is even harder to imagine how the mighty search ad business will fall and what, possibly, can replace it.

AI changes the model. Google knows this. This Google’s worst nightmare.

Their heavy-handed response to AI has been to put AI generated results over organic search results.

Lets be clear about what Google is doing at a 500,000 level.

  • They are devaluing ALL “free” tools to push people to pay more for ads.
  • Organic traffic is tanking for brands because fewer and fewer people will bother to search further down the results to organic results with real websites.

All these machinations will not save Google. People will create their own search agents very soon.  For decades online search was intermediated by Google.

Tomorrow, Google will be just a lead weight around your ankles. If you cut them loose, the winner (drumroll) will be all of us.

If you are a brand – the new game will be to get in the AI results.

If you are an agency – you need new types of data to tell you which topics are of most value.

If you are a person – get ready to get search results that are better.

Let’s all do a collective Woo Hoo.