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Trust Web Times Interview Series: Brian Chap ; Tech Recipes

Picture of Marc Goldberg

Marc Goldberg

Author at The Trust Web Times
Picture of Marc Goldberg

Marc Goldberg

Author at The Trust Web Times

Marc Goldberg is a contributor for the Trust Web Times. Marc is also the Chief Revenue Officer of Method Media Intelligence an MRC accredited ad verification and measurement company.

Brian Chap is the CEO & Founder at Tech Recipes

We exchanged emails for this interview and it has been slightly condensed and edited.

Marc Goldberg: Tell me about your journey?

Brian Chap: I had collectively worked across all of the major holding companies prior to being recruited by L’Oreal as their first ever Programmatic Lead. The first year focused on global and national upskilling. With my insider knowledge of agency operations we quickly began securing talent and transferring campaigns in-house which improved ROI. 

After working with an amazing team to establish “Le Desk” L’Oreal’s in-house trading team, it was important that I understand ad sales. I joined the WarnerMedia team as the SVP of Yield and Planning, another role that hadn’t existed in the past.  With the help of my team of 40, we advanced linear selling practices into automated selling platforms.

All of these experiences complemented what i’m doing today! As the CEO & Founder of Tech Recipes we’ve been able to identify and fill industry gaps and see success in an extremely short period of time! 

MG: What is Tech Recipes?

BC: Tech Recipes was born from twenty years of agency, brand and publisher experience. We formed to simplify marketing complexity and remove the frustration of underutilized employees and underproductive business models. 

We modernize your business with a set of proprietary transformation tools that cut time and costs by up to 50%; This simplifies business growth by automating your infrastructure and reducing non-working costs.

MG: So you must be busy, because everyone is considering in housing!

BC: Yes, six weeks in we secured The Clorox Company and since then we’ve been rapidly advancing taking on brands like Colgate, IAB and Poker Stars. In-house, which means taking more ownership of your marketing strategy and activation, has been in huge demand. We’ve also been able to scale our full suite of services that include learning comprehension, strategic activation and operational efficiency.

Fast growth doesn’t mean that it’s always easy, especially when you encounter a pandemic six months in. We see challenges as growth opportunities and the pandemic ultimately accelerated our resilience, product offering and brand’s interest in transformation. While I’m ready for COVID to be over I think it has helped with our success!

MG: What is your guidance to brands with these ever moving privacy rules?

BC: We have these conversations all the time. Even going as far as to discuss the lack of standardization directly with big tech to promote product innovation for our clients.  

Brands must understand that what’s right for one may not be right for another. Privacy, identity and a successful data strategy requires a detailed evaluation of your business, stakeholder alignment and the right technology. We usually receive the following questions as brands are exploring new data strategies…

  1. “Why don’t I just wait until there is one standard in the market?” 
  2. “How should I use Tech Recipes Three Pillars of Successful Data Accountability”

The worst thing you can do is nothing! If you wait for standards to be set you will be too far behind to compete. Instead, brands should look to partners like Tech Recipes who can help define use cases, fill gaps and future proof ad targeting with three simple steps…

  1. 1st Party Data Collection: Transition existing cookies/mobile IDs to brand owned identifiers such as email 
  2. Known vs Unknown: Maximize known data and establish technology relationships that can be customized to your specific needs
  3. Media application: Implement a custom taxonomy, identify the right data for the right consumer and focus on quality to improve lifetime value

MG: As you continue to educate brands, where have you seen their biggest hole?

BC: If i’m being honest, ego tends to get in the way of innovation. Somewhere along the way we forgot to have fun. The internet was established on nonsense like Nyan Cat and has become overcomplicated with buzzwords that others rely on to make them seem smart. 

Yes we all have to make money but we can do so in a way that is mutually beneficial. This is one of the gaps we saw in the industry prior to forming and is what’s due to our success. Tech Recipes simplifies marketing complexity and removes the frustration of underutilized employees and underproductive business models. 

MG: What are your conversations about ad fraud? Do the brands realize the internet is not all human?

BC: Ad fraud continues to be a concern and we have implemented proprietary measurement standards with fortune 500 brands so they can optimize on the human as opposed to the impression. This has resulted in up to 20% better ad effectiveness.

I would challenge all of you to think about what’s next. Connected TV is on the rise and YouTube content producers are breaking off to start their own platforms. What will the future hold for advertisers in a subscription based world?

MG: Oh CTV/OTT ad fraud..stay tuned. MMI will be in the news soon. I have always felt that a CPG company who is selling something that can’t be quantified by a sale is the most vulnerable media buyer. The companies that rely on just viewability or CTR are being taken advantage of. How are you able to move brands thinking?

BC: We’ve had success across all categories, CPG being a focus. What’s been the most interesting is watching ecommerce. CPGs are now prioritizing ecommerce given the growth from the pandemic but can’t do so effectively on the Amazon’s of the world. You’re now seeing a focus on DTC platform acquisition without an implementation strategy.

Digital Marketing is a game, and if you don’t understand how to play it you won’t be able to compete. It requires granular knowledge NOT a generalist approach. Brands don’t always have time for this level of granularity which is why they hire us! We provide plug and play training, strategic execution and operating models. We do this at 50% of the cost of other consultancies who normally don’t understand marketing (based on feedback from our largest clients).

We’re able to remove the red tape and boost agility so brands can move from assessment to action within six weeks! We give you the tools, source the talent and upgrade measurement so you can do more with less. We’re able to offer the most efficient prices because we offer a completely transparent model that removes the waste hiding in traditional relationships.

If you’d like to talk or schedule your free Digital Maturity Assessment please reach out to or visit our website at

MG: You had written  The death of the boondoggle. When everything returns, where do you go. Cannes, DMexco or CES? 

BC: The immediate future of in person events will likely become more exclusive. Dinners and events will still take place but I don’t think you’re going to see helicopter skiing trips or first class flights to Rock Creek Ranch anymore. At Tech Recipes, clients will always have a seat at our table to share some great food and conversation with a focus on mutual collaboration and advancement!

MG: Where do you want to go personally?

BC: So I already went :).

MG: So Jelly

BC: Well I needed a change of scenery.

MG: All Good.

BC: I saw a airline ad for Costa Rica and 2 weeks later I was on the beach (see advertising does work).

MG: Advertising works! We should definitly write more about the good!

BC: Where I’d really like to get back to is Greece for some more island hopping sunset parties and overall good vibes!

MG: What is the concert you want to go see?

BC: That’s a tough one. With the weather getting better I’ve been into reggae but I’ve been into classic rock lately. I’d love to see Phil Collins or Paul Mccartney again. Honestly any live music would do it for me at this point! I’m in the process of vetting live music for our summer Backyard BBQ event. If you’d like to join please reach out quickly as attendance is limited!