The biggest AdTech rabbit holes.

Many an ad exec has tumbled down complicated programmatic rabbit holes with many hidden cervices and budget dead zones.  It doesn’t have to be this


Why now is the time for a different approach to Ad Metrics because impressions don’t buy – only people do (As published in Ad Age)

50 shades of AdTech ethical gray.

Conversations about trust and transparency in ad tech are vexing because complexity in the AdTech supply chain makes accountability excruciatingly tough. Within this complex culture,

18 Tips for Building B2B Communities

How have seasoned community builders launched and grown their communities? This was what I sought to answer when creating a talk for Social Media Strategy Summit this

The Disruptive Agency Model

As published in Ad Age In a recent Ad Age post, I heralded a new era for agencies where “quality scale” was new revenue created through the design